Lightness of lines and versatility. “Sintesi” is the new collection by BRERA which combines the stainless steel strength with the essential aesthetics chosen by BizzarriDesign. The Acrylic Stone allows “Sintesi” to maintain the custom-tailoring versatility of the supporting surfaces.

Its pure functionality and easy installation while placing on the oor, bring special added value to the new Wooden “Sintesi” collection. The furnishing modular elements and the supporting tops made of Acrylic Stone, make it modern and versatile at the same time.

“Binario”, so rational in his shapes, represents the BRERA collection which best suit the concept of modularity. The furnishing elements between two supporting tops, made either of Acrylic Stone or of Artwood, ensure the largest customizing freedom in terms of size and finishing.

Excelence, this is the result dedicated to demanding users with the passion for authentic Italian taste and design.

The Brera contract division has a wide experience in the construction of turnkey tailored projects.

The Solid Surface product evolution and Brera's advanced processing experience allow opening of new frontiers.